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Townes Legal Structure:

The Townes at Horse Creek Farms was recorded by Declaration with Hamilton County, Tennessee as a Master Planned Community in August 2006.  The Townes is a neighborhood within, and forms a part of the residential community development of Horse Creek Farms (Phase II).  The Townes at Horse Creek Farms Owners’ Association is a Tennessee nonprofit corporation.  Like many communities, there are Covenants and Restrictions, Rules and Regulations and Bylaws that we follow.  See below for links to additional information regarding the Townes.

Townes Governing Documents:

Below are links to copies of the governing documents:

Townes Membership & Dues:

Owners of property in the Townes are members of both the Horse Creek Farms (Phase II) Owners ‘Association and The Townes at Horse Creek Farms Owners’ Association.  Owners are responsible for paying Phase II and Townes annual membership dues:

  • 2023 Annual Townes Membership Dues are $1,500.  Dues are paid semi-annually on January 1 and July 1. The fees for the Townes HOA cover complete landscape maintenance for all properties in the Townes.
  • 2023 Annual Phase II Membership Dues are $200. 

Townes HOA Contact:

If you wish to communicate with the Townes Board of Directors, please email them at