The following information has been provided to assist current residents as well as those considering a move to Horse Creek Farms.

Membership Dues:

Please go to HOA Information page and click on the appropriate HOA for detailed Dues information.

General information:

  • Garbage is collected every Tuesday morning.
  • Recycle is collected every other Monday morning.  Signs are posted at the front entrance on Sundays as a reminder.
  • Bulk Trash collection information can be found here. Additional information can be found on the city website here.

Chattanooga City Services e.g. sewer connection, brush & bulky item collection, and hazardous waste disposal. Residents must call the city to get brush picked up.

Chattanooga Police Department:

  • 423-698-2525: Non-Emergency
  • 911: Emergency

Electricity: EPB Residential Customer Service:

Water: Tennessee American Water Customer Service

Natural Gas: Chattanooga Gas Company Customer Service

Internet Service:

  • Regarding technology options, fiber optics, cable, and DSL have strong coverage within the Chattanooga area.  The majority of Chattanooga residents have three major choices for their home Internet: EPB, AT&T, and Xfinity.

Repair/Replace Your Horse Creek Farms Mailbox:

  • Creative Lawn and Lighting
    • Tony Travis, Owner
    • 423-847-1196
    • 84 Vero Beach Avenue, Rossville, GA 30741

Connecting with Neighbors

The applications listed below are not managed by the Phase II Board of Directors, but they are a great resource for you to connect with your neighbors.

Nextdoor App

Nextdoor is your local app to connect and share with the neighborhood. It’s where neighbors exchange recommendations for babysitters, plans for local events, and tips about what to order at that new cafe down the street. Where local agencies connect with neighbors in need, and where communities come together to ask questions and share information. Get started by clicking the button below, and join the neighborhood “Friends of Mountain Creek”.

Media Assets – Nextdoor
Facebook App

Facebook is a great way to connect with your family, friends, and neighbors.  On Facebook, our residents have a designated group for our neighborhood to share information.  This is administered by residents rather than the Homeowner’s Associations.  The Facebook group name is Horse Creek Farms Chattanooga. Get started by clicking the button below.

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